Golden Demon 2014 Knight Entries

imperial Knights were always going to be a big feature of the 2014 Golden Demon competition. There where no less than 12 Knights entered into Golden Demon 2014. The big surprise it that none of the won Golden Demon trophies.

Let build up to those Imperil Knights and have a look at the Eldar Wraith Knights 1st.

Both Eldar entires were from the Saim Hann craft world. The first is sporting a bit of bling in the form of a Gold and Red paint job.
The Second Wriath Knight has taken up the more traditional red and white craft world colours.

After the Eldar came the Imperial Knights in ascending size order we have a knight that doesn’t come from any Knight House I know of, in fact it’s a very contemporary looking knight. If I’m not mistaken this is really a Black Templars contemptor dreadnought dressed up as a knight


Next up we have three of Games Workshops’ Knight Errants.




Next up is a Traitor Knight with some unusual weapons. I would guess there is an alliance to slanesh given the pink coloured armour.


We finish up with a set of three different Forge World Knights, one of which has a full conclave of Knight Paladins and Knight Errants as a retinue.