Mk8 Rogue Trader Ultramarine Sternguard

There is still a little detailed paint work left to do on these MkVIII Rouge Trader Space Marines. However now they have reached gamable paint standard I’d like to show them off. I’ve been working on these for decades. The core of the unit is made from all 3 of the original Mk8 Space Marines sculpts by Jes Godwin. I’ve added bits from the Ultramarine Upgrade set, some spare Vanguard and Death Company shoulder pads, and weapons from the Space Marine Tactical squad, along with a single Rouge trader Bolter and Auto pistol to make a combi Melta for the squad leader.IMG_3891.JPGIMG_3892.JPGIMG_3890.JPG

There is a single Rouge Trader back pack has been used for the banner. The others have additions from the plastic Venerable Dreadnought kit.


And so ends the longest dry spell on Chapter Masters.