Tanks at Golden Demon 2014

The humble tank has had a hard life in 40k in recent years. There was the can opening edition of 40k known as 5th edition, then the event of hull points which both extended and shortened the life of tanks at the same time. Finally there was 7th edition which gave tanks a new lease of life, due to the reduction in armour piercing value of AP2 weapons. However at the same time there has been the introduction of Lords of War, Imperial Knights and Wraith Knights to the standard game table, which has quite frankly squated the place of the tank as the armoured bayomonth on the block. Still it’s nice to see people are still painting them for Golden Demon.

First up we have the lightest tank at Golden Demon, well not really a tank but there are not enough Jeeps to warrant a separate post. I believe this is a Forge World Tauros Rapid Assault Vehicle painted in jungle camouflage.IMG_2671.PNG

Next up is a Blood Angle Predator Infurnus.


A rather blurred picture of a Iron Warriors Land Raider


The was one of my favourite tanks. If you have a problem called the Forge World Spartan, painted in Crimson Fist Chapter Colours.



A stunning Forge World Imperial Fist Rhino


The Dark Angels chase the Fallen in this striking air brushed Rhino. This looks like the work of El from Half God Studios. We will be doing a feature on his work next year.


The lone Xeno entry: Tau Hammer Head with a Plasma Cannon Turret.


Today is Christmas Eve and like all respectable men I need to go and buy a lot of Christmas presents, so this will be the last pre Christmas 2014 post on Chapter Masters. Happy Christmas from Ben, Gareth and myself. I hope your Christmas is full of fun and joy and a little 40k.