Today’s 40K Picture Omega Space Marine Tanks

Spot the odd one out

At 1st glance you could be forgiven for thinking these are Dark Angels, but after a quick look you will notice the upside down  Ultramarine symbols. Which of course is spot on for the Omega Chapter. It’s unusual for the Omega Space Marines to be painted in dark green, more often being a lighter green than salamanders. Of course those of you who have taken photo’s at Games Day will know that the lighting is very poor at the NEC which could be part of the difference in colour.  The last thing you might have noticed or might have missed altogether is the single Mk1 predator amongst the sea of Mk2 Rhino chaises. I love the Mk1 predator and who ever has put these together has added later sponsors from the Mk3. All in all this is a very nice display from one of the school clubs at Games Day UK 2012