Ben’s Painting Desk: Tyranid Zoanthrope

I’ve been very good at starting models this year, but not so good at finishing them. I’ve decided to show some work in progress photos, hopefully this may inspire me to finish the models, or you to start some. This is a 2nd hand Zoanthope I’ve been repainting. I’ve added my own hive fleet’a blue to the standard colours of hive fleet kraken. Which I’m considering repainting some of my existing Nids as. I’ve added some more red to this model, I’ve also darkened the red with a base if khone red, a wash of null oil and then added layers of wasdakka red. I’ve shaded the skin with sephera and Eathshade. To finish it, I’m going to do a little tiding up and put some more layers of bone on the skin.
The Zoanthope as it arrived.