Eldar White Dwarf June 2013 Review

The June White Dwarf has some noticeable improvements over previous “new format” White Dwarf Issues.

New releases

Product GBP£/US$/AUD$
Codex Eldar £30/$49.50/$83
Eldar Farseer £12/$20/$22
Eldar Wraithknight £70/$115/$125
Eldar Wraithguard(5) £30/$50/$55
Eldar Hemlock Fighter £40/$65/$76
Eldar Dire Avengers(5) £20/$35/$55
Eldar Battleforce £70/$115/$185
Eldar Jetbike Squad £20/$40/$50
Eldar Psychic Powers (Cards) £4.5/$7.50/$10
Eldar Spiritseer £11/$19.25/$28
Eldar Illic Nightspear £11/$19.25/$28
The Ascension of Baithasar (audio CD) £15/$20/$30
Fist of Demetrius (Hardback) £17.99/$24.99/$27
Soul Drinkers Annihilation(Paperback) £12.99/$17.50/$27
Soul Drinkers Daenvathos (Hardback) £12/$17.50/$25
Soul Drinkers Redeemtion £12.99/$17.50/$27
Headtaker (Paperback) £12.99/$14/$20

The new release section is as big as ever. The pictures are a lot brighter. I’m

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