Eldar White Dwarf June 2013 Review

The June White Dwarf has some noticeable improvements over previous “new format” White Dwarf Issues.

Eldar Wraithfighter

New releases

Product GBP£/US$/AUD$
Codex Eldar £30/$49.50/$83
Eldar Farseer £12/$20/$22
Eldar Wraithknight £70/$115/$125
Eldar Wraithguard(5) £30/$50/$55
Eldar Hemlock Fighter £40/$65/$76
Eldar Dire Avengers(5) £20/$35/$55
Eldar Battleforce £70/$115/$185
Eldar Jetbike Squad £20/$40/$50
Eldar Psychic Powers (Cards) £4.5/$7.50/$10
Eldar Spiritseer £11/$19.25/$28
Eldar Illic Nightspear £11/$19.25/$28
The Ascension of Baithasar (audio CD) £15/$20/$30
Fist of Demetrius (Hardback) £17.99/$24.99/$27
Soul Drinkers Annihilation(Paperback) £12.99/$17.50/$27
Soul Drinkers Daenvathos (Hardback) £12/$17.50/$25
Soul Drinkers Redeemtion £12.99/$17.50/$27
Headtaker (Paperback) £12.99/$14/$20

The new release section is as big as ever. The pictures are a lot brighter. I’m not sure if this is just for the Eldar or a permanent change, however it’s nice to see the models clearly. There is no information about the new rules. It would be good to know the Wraith Knight is around 250 points has 6 wounds, toughness 10 and a selection of marine killing or tank killing weapons and so one.

In keeping with previous month’s only one system is getting some releases. As it’s all 40k I won’t go on about this.


Army of the Month

This month’s is a huge Gobin Army, complete with a not very well giant. Lots of nice touches, it’s well worth a look.

I do love this feature. I wish they would do an army for each system each month. There are more Warhammer armies featured in parade ground, but that’s it for Warhammer players.


Apparently there is some Hobbit somewhere but blink and you will miss it.


Writer’s Coulombs

Jervis Johnson writes about the personality of your models, something that he and other writers have touched on before. This time it’s two whole pages on this subject though. There is only so much in the war gaming universe you can write about and with three Colombians (sorry bad joke) , there is bound to be some repetition.

Blanchitsu is more of the same, with a new bunch of inquisitor hence men. While the models are nice, it would have been good to see something a little more topical.

Jeremy Vetock writes about collecting. Jememy’s coulomb has been improving in terms of readability. Last months was one of his most entertaining yet. This months is more of a “give yourself permission” to fly off the wall with you own model purchases.


Battle Report

The Eldar take on the Necrons. It’s a nice way to make the Eldar the good guys for once. I thoroughly enjoyed the report, despite having seen the result when flicking through my White Dwarf. The Eldar army features nearly all the new models. Again the armies do not belong to the studio. I wish they would use the studio armies for one of the sides. It’s great to see other peoples models, but I’d like to see the studio armies getting an outing as well.

One word turns!!!! Yes this month’s battle report has a turn by turn account of the action, for the 1st two turns anyway.

Another word Full table pictures!!! Ok that’s 3. This month report is much easier to follow. Now all they need to do is stop writing the outcome in BIG LETTERS on the last page; so you can enjoy not know what is going to happen :)

Eldar Army

Other bits

Kit bash is ok. The Painting gides are useful to Eldar collectors


From the studio

To me this is one of the most important parts of White Dwarf. Why it’s at the back is a mystery. Great insights from the writers and sculptors of the new Eldar codex and models. Mine has been Ordered. I can’t wait to see if my Eldar beat my friend Bob’s Necrons in to the dirt.



Over all 8/10

Only let down by a lack rules for the new models and coverage of other systems; and of course Space Marines.

Eldar Farseer

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