First 40k 8th edition game with the Blood Angels

Due to no small amount of effort to get my Blood Angels Terminators to a gaming standard, my Blood Angels army has reached a the magic 100 power or 2000 points. Although this is achieved with no less than four HQs, including 2 Captains.

While 40k can be a lot of fun at smaller sizes. Two thousand points continues to be regarded as the default all afternoon game size by my gaming group. The Blood Angels aren’t my go to Space Marine force, so don’t tend to get a lot of attention. The recent Codex release has inspired me to try and finish the Space Hulk set which I purchased almost ten years ago. The armour on the Terminators has now mostly been highlighted across the all the squad members and a lot of the largest details have been finished. It’s always the last 10 percent of of models that I struggle with getting finished off. Niggly details I call them.

Anyway on to the game.

We ended up playing the 1st narrative mission in the rule book. Which sees the defender trying to survive to the end of the games. The attacker has unending reserves. I having a slightly larger force and opted to be the attacker. The game uses random game length. Which really adds to the tension of the mission.

My Blood Angel army was made from a Terminator Captain armed with a Storm Shield and Thunder Hammer, represented by a Sergeant model from Space Hulk.

Two 5 man Terminator Squads and a Death Company squad with jumpacks gave me one extra command point. A Two 5 man tactical squads, a Chaplin, an assault squad and a devastator squad rounded off the infantry. A Rhino and a Knight Errant where the only vehicles in my force.

My opponent picked a Lord commissar to lead his force. He took about as many veterans and flamers as he could muster from his collection. A sniper squad, two units of Storm Troopers, a sentinel squadron, a Manticore and a Knight Crusader rounded off the force.

The game went much as you might expect. I threw all I could at the Guard as aggressively as I could. The guard player focused his efforts on removing the fastest units and closest ranged units in my force. Removing the longer range units could just see them return the next turn and unload the weapons, meaning no real differences to the Guards chances of survival.

By the end of the 5th turn I wasn’t at all close to wiping out the guard….

By the end of turn 6 the Guard still has a wounded Sentinel and 2 veterans inside the bunker remaining. I was certain to wipe them out in turn 7. The roll for the random game length was a 2, meaning the game was over.

The Guard completed whatever ritual, intel retrieval or wipe they were conducting and retreated into a secret tunnel complex. The Blood Angels would have to find them and complete their purge another day.