Battle Pictures – Grey Knights and Black Harlequins vs Chaos and Imperial Forces

This game represented the Grey Knights attempting to overturn and Chaos rising in the outskirts of an imperial city.

A Harlequin troop is helping the Gray Knights for reasons unknown.

The Chaos forces consist of, World Bearers Chaos Space Marines, Pre Hersey Emperors Children, Traitor Guard and a sole Renagade Imperial Knight.

The game was a 4000 point Battle. The mission was based on the old 6 objective apocalypse senario, however objective victory points where score at the end of each trun. The team with most victory points cumulated at the games’ time limit wins.

Deployment, Most of the Grey Knights arrived by deep strike

Turn one

The Grey Knights and Harlequins take 4 objectives via deep strike. The Chaos forces hold 2 objectives.

Turn two

The renegade Imperial Knight removes a squad of Harlequins from one of the objectives to contest the objective with the Harlequin jetbikes.

The game ends 7-4 to the Grey Knights and Harlequins.