Apocalypse Release Product List – July 2013 White Dwarf

The release information for the July White Dwarf has now been issued to resellers.

July 2013 White Dwarf

Games Workshop have given some products Apocalyptic price tags. I’ve provided a price comparison, mostly in Space Marine units to enable collectors in other countries estimate what products will cost in their currency. The Gamer’s and collector edition have pushed the price envelope once more. The only think I can find with a similar price tag is the relm of battle Game Board.

Note the Baneblade is being re-boxed with all the storm hammer turrets included, but with an 18% price increase. If you have been thinking about picking one of the Imperial Guard super heavies up it’s worth trying to find one at the old price.


Product Category Price USD / Same as
WARHAMMER 40000: APOCALYPSE Book $74.25/40k Book
IMPERIAL TARGETING TEMPLATES Hobby $25.00/Space Marine Combat Squad
KHORNE LORD OF SKULLS Plastic $160.00/Stormraven Domination Force
IMPERIAL GUARD BANEBLADE Plastic $140.00/Warrior Ancients
NECRON TESSERACT VAULT Plastic $160.00/Stormraven Domination Force
WALL OF MARTYRS: VENGEANCE WEAPON BATTERY Plastic $50.00/Space Marine Terminator Squad
WALL OF MARTYRS: FIRESTORM REDOUBT Plastic $65.00/Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter/Crimson Hunter
WALL OF MARTYRS: AQUILA STRONGPOINT Plastic $115.00/Fortress of Redemption
SPACE MARINE CPTN: MASTER OF THE MARCHES Finecast $22.25/Space Marine Commander
SPACE MARINE CAPTAIN:MASTER OF THE RITES Finecast $22.25/Space Marine Commander
SPACE MARINE CAPTAIN: MASTER OF RELICS Finecast $22.25/Space Marine Commander
SPACE MARINE CAPTAIN: LORD EXECUTIONER Finecast $22.25/Space Marine Commander
APOCALYPSE STRATEGIC ASSET CARDS Hobby $15.00/Space Marine Chaplain
BOMBARDMENT DICE CUBE Hobby $30.00/Space Marine Land Speeder
VORTEX GRENADE TEMPLATE Hobby $15.00/Space Marine Chaplain
WH40K: APOCALYPSE – COLLECTORS EDITION Book $250.00/2x Space Marine Battleforce
WH40K: APOCALYPSE – GAMER’S EDITION Book $250.00/2x Space Marine Battleforce