More Space Marines pictures leak from the July White Dwarf

A new Masters of the Chapter style box set has been confirmed for Space Marine players, as part of the July Apocalypse release.

The set contains 4x finecast Space Marine Captains

5th Company – Battle Company Captain, armed with scroll, staff and pistol, wearing MkIV armour
6th Company – Tactical Reserve Company Captain, armed with septor and pistol, wearing MkVII armour
8th Company – Assault Reserve Company Captain, armed with battle axe, wearing MkVII armour
9th Company – Devastator Reserve Company Captain, armed with combi plasma, wearing MkV armour.

Each of the Captains is posed as if ordering troops. I imagine we will see a lot of conversion work based on these models.

It’s nice to see some more head tilts to the old power armour suits.

ChapterMasters is not able to post pictures from White Dwarf before it’s release. The other main 40k websites are posting links to them.