Apocalyse Rules start to leak

Rules from the Apocalypse book are starting to surface. Below are a few of the more important points.

Source: Apocalypse40k

Warhound Titan


  • Phantom,
  • Revenant.
  • Imperial Reaver
  • Warhound
  • Harridan for tyranids
  • Hierophant Bio-titan.

The imperial Teaver and Warhound are not in the formation section, but are in the book.


Strategic asset changes

Flank march is confirmed to only work for a single formation entering from reserve. It works on any table edge.


Structure Points

Each Structure point are still worth three Hull points however you only need to count hull points not hull points and structure points.  An explode result on the damage table removes 1+D3 hull points.

Super heavy vehicles are not effected by  shaken, stunned, weapon destroyed or immobilised.

When the last hull point is removed there is a 15″ explosion which is stronger nearest the vehicle and get week every 5″. The intensity of the explosion also varies from strength 2 to strength D; depending on the result of a roll on a D3. This is quite normal  for weapons that use the 15″ apocalypse template.


The Destroyer Weapons Table

When a vehicle is hit by a D weapon you on a new table instead. No saves of any kind can be used.

1=  penetrating hit.
2-5= Explode! (Super heavies lose D3+1 hull points)
6= Explode! (Super heavies lose D6+6 hull points)

Against other models (includeding gargantuan creatures)
1 = Shot has no effect
2-5=D3+1 wounds
6 = D6+6 wounds