Blcak Piranha down

Black Piranha down

Blcak Piranha downThis Entry from Games day 2013 Golden Deamon  from the open catergory depicts a sole survivor of a downed Tau Piranha being rescued by a mixed squad of Kroot carnivores and some tau Fire warriors,  supported by a very well converted Shadow sun model. The diorama is entitled “Black Piranha down” from what I assume is a play on the film “Black hawk down” I must say though the Piranha doesn’t look very black and I don’t see any Somalians shooting at the Tau. Joking aside though it must have taken some doing to achieve such a nicely converted and painted diorama.


  • Ben

    This is a really good photo given the lighting levels. The standard at Golden Demon is just crazy these days. I’d love to play a game using this as an objective marker.