Rogue trader space marines

Today’s Picture: Rogue Trader Ultramarine Tactical Squad

Ben has been taking some more photo’s of his Rouge Trader Space Marines. Here we have some of his late 80s collection. From left to right. Brother Longun armed with a heavy bolter, unnamed Space Marine, Brother Reeves, Brother Hamilton all carry the trusted bolt gun while Brother Repp is armed with a melta gun.

Sculptors: Jes Goodwin, Aly Morrison, Bob Naismith, Michael and Alan Perry Painter: Ben Jackson
Source: White Dwarf 93 & 99 Released: September 1987 & March 1988

rogue trader space marine

Ben’s Painting Table: Kracken Tyranid Zoanthope

Ben is still enjoying his break from blogging and has sent me a picture of his finished Zoanthrope for his Kracken Tyranid army. He informs us he is now repainting his Crimson Terror as a Red Terror in between painting Termaguants. A friend has also donated an original Screamer Killer Carifex to his hoard. Ben says he’s been invigorated by starting a new force. He doesn’t intend to repaint all his old Tyranid Hive Fleet, just the ones he wants to game with regularly.


Ben’s Painting Desk: Tyranid Zoanthrope

I’ve been very good at starting models this year, but not so good at finishing them. I’ve decided to show some work in progress photos, hopefully this may inspire me to finish the models, or you to start some. This is a 2nd hand Zoanthope I’ve been repainting. I’ve added my own hive fleet’a blue to the standard colours of hive fleet kraken. Which I’m considering repainting some of my existing Nids as. I’ve added some more red to this model, I’ve also darkened the red with a base if khone red, a wash of null oil and then added layers of wasdakka red. I’ve shaded the skin with sephera and Eathshade. To finish it, I’m going to do a little tiding up and put some more layers of bone on the skin.
The Zoanthope as it arrived.






The Boys in Red are Back – Blood Angels on Codex cover not 7th Edition Cover

Retraction: There were rumours on Naftka that Blood Angels were on the cover of the new Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. This will came as no surprise to many given they are also rumoured to be in the box set, however this did give credibility to the rumour about the box sets contents.

Blood Angels represent my personal favourite era of 40k. Although there’s nothing much Grim and dark about bright red space marines. Blood Angels were the main Studio army when I started playing in 1991. My own efforts to start a Blood Angels force have never really got far, but they are still one of my favourite armies to see in the pages of White Dwarf. I expect we are about to see a lot of that.

A few of my Blood Angels, more can be found in the Imperial Menu above.

Unfortunately again the rumour were false. Maybe this was the cover of the 40k box set rather than the book.



This post is also the 400th on ChapterMasters. Thanks to all those regular readers who keep coming back and checking the site. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you.

Today’s picture: Ultramarine Devastator Company

What to do when faced with a close combat, army equipped with power armour, bring a devastator company.
Ben Jackson has built this Devastator Company by using a mix of Space Marines from the Ultramarines 3rd, 4th Companies and old rogue trader Space Marines. Currently the majority of squads have only 3 heavy weapons. Ben is intending to add more Devastator Squads to his Ultramarine army so he can field a full strength Devastator Company.

ultramarine Devastator Company

Space Marine Devastator Company