Codex Dark Angels What are the new rules?

 Dark Angels codex have started to arrive in France. More information is spilling out through the forums.

Global rules

Inner Circle – this works like the chaos unit upgrade. It may not be available to every unit but provides  hated against Chaos Space Marines and  courage, yes I need to go look that one up, but that would be the French translation for Fearless.

Warlord traits – Dark Angels like Chaos have their own Warlord trait table. One gives a choice of plus or minus one on the reserve roll, one provides fearless and another provides a further +1D6 movement bonus to turbo boosting bikes or re-roll of run moves.

Tactical squads and now Scouts are the standard troops choices.

Dark Angels can take Terminators as troops but this is a bonus for taking Belial Grand Master of the Deathwing.

Standard Bike Squads can  be taken as Troops if Sammael Grand Master of the Ravenwing

Both Terminators and and Bike squads can both be taken as Troops if Azral Supremene Grand Master is chosen.

Everything get some sort of stubborn rule.

deathwing assault means you decide in secret which units come in turn one or turn two. no need to roll for reserves and its not just half your dwing but any amount

deathwing assault means you decide in secret which units come in turn one or turn two. no need to roll for reserves and its not just half your dwing but any amount



Azrael gives a 4+ invulnerable save to his squad. He has a Stength 6 AP3 power weapon. He is also an eternal warrior.

Ezeke has mastery level 3. He get mindworm and can roll on any table apart from biomancy. Mindworm is d3 s4 ap2 focused witchfire and -3ws/bs/i per wound taken

Asmodai can make a single instant death attack in close combat but can’t use his power weapon when he does this.

Interigator Chaplains have take Terminator Armour,  have the inner circle rule (fearless)  preferred enemy against Chaos Marines. They can also take relics and have slightly better  stats (+1 W, I, A, BS). Standard Chaplains can’t have any of the above.

Command squads are five (or 3 on bikes) man units but have to have the same armour as the HQ they are taken for. Every HQ can have a command squad.

Command Squads on bike can have are twin linked rapid fire plasma guns and grenade launchers . knights can take one for one of every three bikes. Can also take rad grenades s3 ap- but the units hit at minus one toughness for the turn it uses it. stasis grenades give shrouded etc for the turn.

Techmarines are not a HQ slot. They are unlocked by taken HQ choices.



Deathwing Knights can add +1 To their Toughness if they get into base to base contact. The Deathwing Knights champion has a close combat weapon 2Strenth AP3 but can’t exchange this.

Black Knights get  Skilled Rider

Terminator squads – 5 to 10 men in a unit with 1 heavy weapon per 5. Get the split fire rule. Deathwing have inner circle which makes them fearless



Scouts are troops but don’t get teleporter homers.


Fast Attack

Ravenwing get grim resolve Stubborn and can’t choose to fail a morale check

Ram Ravenwing has a Rift Cannon: Strength 5, AP-, blast, blindness.

Land Speeder Shroud get +2 on it’s cover save and gives Stealth to all friendly units within 6″

Land Speeder Vengeance has a heavy 3 plasma gun with no blast or a charge shot which is heavy 1 large blast

Nephilim  has – Avenger Mega Bolter: Strength 6, AP4, heavy 5! Missiles are Strength 6, AP4 can be upgraded to flack and it gets Unrelenting Hunter, exchanging weaponry destroyed or immobilized results?


Heavy support

Landraiders come with a venerable ability called Deathwing Vehicle.

Devistators squads are cheaper.