New Forge World Release – Outrider bikes, Special Weapons and Necron Tombs

I said I was going to be more positive this year, but I can’t swallow the lump of conviction in my throat. When I got an email from Forge World informing me the outrider bikes had been released I got a shiver of anticipation.  How had they styled these Heresy bikes, like the old rough trader bike? Either the Mk1 (below) the very rare MKII version (further down). It would have been great to see Forge World styled versions of  these back on the table top.

Ultramarine rouge trader Bike SquadMkI Space Marine Bike Squad

MKII rogue trader space marine bike

MKII Space Marine Bike

Or maybe they would take inspiration from some of the old art work?

But Forge World appear to have taken a very different design path. Which make me think of a few other scyfi bikes. Judge Dread perhaps?

Forge World Outrider bike RRP£20+P+P.

but the bike that really springs to mind is called Street Hawk.

Redeeming themselves from this 80’s throw back. They have also releases space marine special/support weapon.

Legion Plasma Guns, Melta Guns & Flamers £11+P+P

Meta guns for £1.21 each! That’s Games Workshop prices.

And at the other end of the price spectrum. A 4×4 Necron tomb, complete with 4 Monoliths can be yours for only £495.00 inc postage and packaging!