News: Demons get tougher and cheaper, but take extra wounds in combat

DemonDemons are getting points reduction for most units. Blood letters by 1 point, Daemonettes 2 points and Plague Bearers by 3 points. However Pink Horrors are increasing by 2 points, while getting a better save. The feel no pain saves has also changes to a 5+ invulnerable save, which selected units can upgrade to a 2+ save. Demons player who have been enjoying not taking extra wounds for loosing close combat with their fearless units in 6th Ed are in for a disappointment. If Demons loose a close combat and take 25% casualties they have to take a Demonic instability test, with a modifier based on how many models have died. A fail results in further models being removed.

You can read the full scoop on natka’s blogg