Today’s Picture: The Rock by Mike McVey

Grand Master Azeael of the Dark Angels in the Chapter’s Fortress Monastery. It looks to me like a member of the fallen is about to have their judgement past.

The Rock, Grand Master Azrael in the Dark Angels Fortress Monastery

Grand Master Azeael

This is one of those bits of Warhammer 40000 history that still send’s shivers down my spine. I can still remember seeing this and just being amazed.

The Stain Glass windows were awe striking and the detail on the vault or prison door is just incredibly uniform, given the pistons are probably nothing but pipe cleaners and straws.

For it’s time is was just outstanding. You have to remember this is totally made from scratch  There where no Gothic ruins to borrow parts from in 1995.

This was part of the Dark Angels exhibit at Warhammer World in March 2013. You may still be lucky enough to find this part of the display is still in one of the many cabinets around the Warhammer World museum.