Warhammer World Reopens in May

I’m looking forward to May not because the UK will elect a new government. I’ll be shocked if it’s a Tory/liberal Democrat alliance, never mind what the polls say. Not also because it the month where we all wonder what happened to the Horus Heresy plastics. No it’s the month in which Warhammer World will finally reopen it’s miniature and display areas. It’s been over 4 months since people where able to get a look at all those beautiful miniatures found in the pages of white Dwarf and other Games Workshop publications. Not only will those little idols be back on display but they will be joined by even more display board than there have every been at Warhammer World. Now I’m sure we will see some of the same board that where there before the building works, e.g. the Istanval iii forge world display and the Space Wolves vs Tyranid at the Fang Board. We might also find out the feite of the Warhound Down display, the drop pod board and Fort Pain( you see why it did their Gary) 😉 Given the recruitment adverts which where running for model and scenery makes while the work was going on I expect there will be plenty of new things to look at. If you can’t wait here are a few of the old displays.

fort pain

Warhound Down

isstvan iii

Warhammer Worlds new Front entrance
A much much more Scifi looking entrance, although more Tau than 40k gothic architecture.