Sisters of Battle after May?

New rumours have surfaced that Sister’s of Battle will see new models this year. Early rumours had stated Q2. The same source is now saying post May.

Via Zion on Heresy Online

From the Ripper Swarms:
1. May looks to be a little too soon, but I didn’t get word of where it’ll fit in exactly, just that May was too soon.
2. There is a format change coming for Sisters. I don’t have details coming but there is a change coming. Granted if they get a real codex that’s a format change, but I have a personal feeling that it may get a change in how they build an army (like how the Necrons build the Decurion).
3. Lastly there was some detail regarding the visual design being more inspired by Blanche. Blanche did the 2nd Ed codex cover:

So the trickle of Sisters rumours continues. While we have herd wolf cried many times before, this is the 1st time we have been getting an ongoing drip feed of rumours. This drip feed is much more consistent with GW’s deliberate leaks; than someone having a power trip all to themselves. We can only hope this is true and not someone dashing everyone’s hopes again.

[Edit Ben] The consensus on most of the chat rooms is this “Q2” is going to be 2016, not 2015, sorry to dash your hopes Jono.