40K News: New Dark Angel rumours

Deathwing (4 units in the codex)

Command Squad – 2 wounds like Paladins, WS5 BS5, Command Squad squad upgrades… can have attached Chaplain and/or Librarian. Very pricey.

Elite Squad – WS5 assault unit with mastercrafted weapons and special options

Troop squad – Standard DW squad, can have an attached Chaplain

Heavy Support Squad – BS5 dedicated ranged squad – no assault weapons, more heavy heavy weapons – AP3 Stormbolters.

Ravenwing (4 units in the codex)

Command Squad WS5 A2, all members can buy sergeant upgrades, unit has command squad upgrade options.

Troop Squad – 3-10 bikes, 0-1 Attack bike, gains Ravenwing special rules and options.

Fast Attack Squad – 1-5 Attack Bike squadron, can split into 2 units

Land Speeder Squadron – 1-5 Speeders with access to standard equipment, can split into 2 units

Odds & Ends

New Dreadnought type – Terminator options.

Large flyer – transport capacity: 20 (or 10 terminators)

Chaplains can deploy singly, or join units like Sanguinary Priests.

Codex should be out between february and april…

Remember this is all just rumours, but it could be an interesting codex.