Rumours: Dark Angels What is a Raven Claw?

 More Dark Angels Rumours from Sticky Money today covering Fast Attach and Troops.

via Stickmonkey on  Bell of Lost Souls
Deathwing Terminators – Same general layout as we have now, but with additional Plasma Cannon and Autocannon heavy weapon options.

Tactical Squads – The old classics we all love, moving on…

Ravenwing Bike Squad – Up to ten bikers, for each 5 bikes, you may upgrade one to an Attack bike.  Attack bike gunner options are: HB, MM, HF, Twin-linked Plasmagun!. Squad can Combat Squad and has Teleport Homers.

Ravenwing Landspeeder Support Squad – Same as now, but gunner option are: HB, MM, HF, Twin-linked Plasmagun!

Ravenwing Bike Support Squad – Full Attack Bike unit (this might also be a duplicate report of the TROOPS Bike Squad)

Assault Squad – Same old classic jump-pack squad we have now.

Ravenclaw Air Superiority Fighter – Dual “Reaper Cannons” allowing Snap Shots on flyers. Can be replaced with 2x Missiles, or 2x Plasma Cannons.

But what does a Raven Claw look like???? Early reports suggested this would a land speeder variant like the Tempest, but with eagle shaped wings.