Rumours: New Ork and Eldar models


The Rumours are coming in thick and fast. It’s like someone has had  an out of hours tour of the studio. No one ever suspects the cleaner 🙂

via Stickmonkey on Bell of Lost Souls




Eldar Miniatures (alongside the codex)
2 Aspect Characters
2 other characters (Either HQs or Unit Upgrade characters)
New Aspect (plastic)
Wraithguard (plastic)
New Eldar tank
New Eldar Bomber

Eldar Miniatures (outside the codex)
New Flyer
Guardian Jetbikes – Shining Spears combo-box
2 existing Aspects moved to plastic
Avatar (new model, bigger than a Dreadnought)
Warp Gate (Terrain kit)

Ork Miniatures (alongside the codex)
New Weirdboy
MegaNobs – Tellyportas combo-kit
Grot Gliders – (very odd one, a 40K version of WFB Doomdivers?)
Mega Mork/Gork – (your guess is as good as mine)

Ork Miniatures (outside the codex)
New Buggy – Half-track
Flashgits – Tankbustas plastic combo-kit