Rumours: Darks angels confirmed for January

Posted on Bell of lost souls today.

via Faeit 212 and Stickmonkey

A bit of tidying up and omnibus Dark Angels stuff today boys and gals.

First up Dark Angels Scheduling:

– Dark Angels devoted White Dwarf for January
– Miniatures go up for pre-order end of December and are available very early January. ~So save up some of your holiday money!

Ruleswise we hear the following:

-Sammael still rides the Imperium’s only functioning jetbike.
-Larger sized Tactical Squads have been reported ~perhaps the 1st Chapter is still holding onto some of the “old Legion ways”??? 
-Standard “Green Dark Angels” are well represented with 8 unit choices across the codex.  It won’t be all Deathwing and Ravenwing.