40k Today – Chaos Marine Codex Download Leaked

Chaos Marine Codex Leaked

Today was a bad day for Games Workshop share holders. A member of the gaming community demonstrated disregard for the Games Workshop design studio and posted a digital copy of the yet to be  released Codex Chaos Space Marines on the internet. This will be Games Workshops first ever hardback colour codex for Warhammer 40,000 and therefore the most expensive. This codex was long awaited by fans who have not been happy with the current 4th edition codex since it’s release in 2007. Games Workshop won’t be able to tell how badly sales have been effected by this leak. Shareholders can at least be thankful that the limited edition version of this codex has already sold out and advanced orders had been placed before this digital copy emerged.  Obviously the person that has posted the codex can’t be reached for comment. So their motives remain unknown.

Chapter Masters own 40k expert Ben Jackson had the following to say. “While competition in it’s true sense makes the world a more interesting place. Counterfeit damages the producer and the receiver.  The person that posted this may not realise the damage they are doing and just think they are giving people free access to this new codex. True fans of 40k won’t download this unauthorised digital copy, Although the temptation to have the book before general release, or just save the money may prove too much for some to resist. So do the right thing, don’t download the new codex. If you already have delete it, order yourself a copy and pray for forgiveness.