Bane Blades Eight Years On

Well here we are trying to find our feet or even work out what rule set we are playing with. With the community welcoming the rules that are 7th edition, but not the frequency of a 100 week rules cycle and confused about how unbound armies and other rules are going to pan out. I thought I’d role back the clock, not just two years but 8 years. I would rather go back 10 years, but it’s very hard to work out what was going on in the later days of 3rd edition. Given the lack of 40k websites running at the time.

So what was happening back in June 2006?
It was rumours and early pictures of the BaneBlade. It’s hard to imaging a game of Apocalyse without one of these bad boys now. How has the BaneBlade survived? Compared to other kits released back in 2006 it’s done rather well. It’s still a mean mother to shift and still puts out a ton of firepower. Considering it’s modest points value I think these bad boys are a worthy entry for the citadel hall of fame. It’s probably time I added a Guard contingent to my own Imperial Force.