Ben’s Thoughts on the New Ork Models

Ben has been texting me about Orks this weekend. I wanted to share some of his thoughts.

“I have a small ork army, which I’ve been wanting to move to being a bit bigger. Spending £30 to keep playing with the same models has not convinced me I should progress the army. Instead I’ve spent £95 mostly on 2nd hand Tyranids. Only £20 went to GW the rest has gone to ebay sellers for more of the same. I’d love to be spending money on new GW kits but they are too expensive and not that nice to look at compaired to the old metal models. I’d sonnet get the old stomper over the new Morkanought. The new Shock attack gun it yuk, as is the head on the Ork firing it. If I did add a shock attack gun to my Ork army and I don’t think a shock attack gun is any where near the top of my list, I’d try to find and old finecast or metal model.

So that’s Ben’s take on the new Ork models. What is yours? Personally I like the artillery.

Go on, let me know which one you think looks better?.