Golden Demon Monstrous Creature – Ork Warlord

There were a few Ork Warlords in the Golden Demon Monstrous Creature Category. so they can have their own post.

First up the Storm Claw Warboss Grukk

This Warboss Grukk face rippa from the Stormclaw set has been converted to have a more aggressive squig

Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka leads the Bad Moons.
Another view of the concerted Warboss.

Forge World: Imperial Fist Boarding Action Dispaly Board

The Battle of Phall – From last years Warhammer Fest

Out numbers and out gunned in ship to ship combat, the Impertial Fist had one option. Make like a pirate and take control of the Iron Warriors ships. This daring boarding action happed in the early stages of the Horus Heresey. Although ultimately this boarding action failed, it disracted the Iron Hands long enought for the Imperial Fist to escape the ambush and warn the emporer of the Iron Hands betrayal. You can see more of these picture from the last ever Games Day, aka Warhammer Fest below.

The Battle of Phall

Forge World: Imperial Fist Boarding Action Dispaly Board

Drop Site Massacre

Today’s Picture Fulgrim vs Ferrus

Hands down this was the best display at Games Day last year. I’m very excited to see if this year’s display can live up to the same standard.  There is lest than one week until Warhammer Fest. It looks like tickets will be avaible on the door. So why not try to convince you friends to hand over £20.  There will only be one Warhammer Fest 2014.

You can see more photos’ from this Emperor’s Children drop site display here.

FULGRIM Emperor's Children Primarch, FERRUS MANUS Iron hands  Primarch.

FULGRIM Emperor’s Children Primarch vs FERRUS MANUS Iron hands Primarch.


You can see more photos’ from this Emperor’s Children display here.

Games Day is Officially Dead – Warhammer Fest is here.

It’s absolutely official there will be no more Games Days. This was made clear at the Warhammer 40k open day. Games Workshop Poole has also posted pictures of the new Warhammer Fest tickets on their Facebook page. The event will take place over a 2 day weekend in October including a Golden Demon competition on Sunday. Tickets are only £20 but it’s not been made clear if this covers both days or just one, however it looks like just 1. With Golden Demon included it’s expected Sunday will be more popular. The richo arena can hold up to 12,000 but I expect the ticket numbers will be similar to last year, unless we want to play sardines. At the moment this appears the UK will be the only Warhammmer Fest event taking place this year.

7th edition

Grey Knight

Well 7th Edition has finally been released over the weekend. Many people have had very different opinions on the new rule set, some have renounced the hobby altogether some have embraced the new rules and there are still some people picking splinters out of their bum from sitting on the fence.

Unfortunately Ben Jackson is one of the people who has sadly decided enough is enough for him although you wont see the last of his models as Jon and I will be borrowing some to post on the site from time to time as he is such a good painter.

Jon and I will still try to post as much as we can on the site. We would both like to thank Ben for all his hard work and commitment to over the years and hope he returns to the hobby in future.