Necrons attack

Necrons attack

Necrons attack

This Necron army from armies on parade at Games day 2013 seems to be fighting among themselves for some reason, perhaps it’s because they are confused at the colour of their gauss blasters with the Death marks preferring blue compared to the green of the rest of the army.

attack of the necrons

Death mark

I really liked the inclusion of a very old relic those of you that remember Warhammer 40,000 second edition will remember that the Orks had access to imperial weapon’s the plasma pistol seen above was one of such weapons that came with some of the Ork models.

wraith attack

In the bottom right hand corner of the board are some warriors that have crawled through the sewer to get inside the ruins after a Canoptek Wraith had burst its way through. their poses would almost make me feel like their metal skeletons could actually feel the cold as they appear to be shivering. it is however a good use of excess parts from the ghost/doomsday ark kit. as he has set his up as a dooms day ark as seen below.

Ghost ark

Dooms day Ark

scarab bases

I also like how the scarabs have been based, also the excellent use of terrain used acros the board with the imperial cities ruins kit been used the Sky shield landing pad and also a gun emplacement base. Well done to who ever put this army together.


contemplator 1

Blood Angel Contemptor From Golden Demon 2013

contemplator 1

This Blood angel Contemptor Dreadnought was entered into Games day 2013 Golden demon, in the Warhammer 40,000 vehicle category. The Dreadnought has been armed with two twin linked auto cannon. Behind the Blood Angel Dreadnought is a World Eaters Dreadnought, which has been armed with two power fists for brutal close range assault.
At the time of writing this post Games workshop have not yet released any details for Games days in 2014. This could this spell disaster for this years’ Golden Demon and Armies on parade. After the poor attendance and feedback some people are speculating that Games day may not go ahead in 2014.
Have you or anyone that you know started work on entry for either Golden Demon or Armies if Parade 2014? How will you feel if Games day 2014 doesn’t happen? One thing is certain the editor of Warhammer visions will have a harder job finding content for the magazine, as will we finding content for Chapter Masters.

Gareth an Ben

Black Piranha down

Blcak Piranha downThis Entry from Games day 2013 Golden Deamon  from the open catergory depicts a sole survivor of a downed Tau Piranha being rescued by a mixed squad of Kroot carnivores and some tau Fire warriors,  supported by a very well converted Shadow sun model. The diorama is entitled “Black Piranha down” from what I assume is a play on the film “Black hawk down” I must say though the Piranha doesn’t look very black and I don’t see any Somalians shooting at the Tau. Joking aside though it must have taken some doing to achieve such a nicely converted and painted diorama.


Grey Knights in power armour

Golden Demon 2013 Warhammer 40,000 squad category

Golden Demon catergory squad

A selection of Entries from Games days Golden demon 2013. I have chosen to post them all as one post as they were all so close together.Ratlings

A well painted Ratling squad from the Imperial Guard sorry the Astra Militarumgrey knights

A Grey Knight strike squad armed with a a pair of falchions,Psycannon, a demon force Hammer and  a force halberd. steel legion

Here we have a squad of steel warrior guardsmenworld eater Jet bikes3 Spacemarines Jetbikes from the pre heresy World Eaters legion.

UK Golden Demon 2013 Ultramarine’s Finest Limited Editions



Ultramarines Finest Limited Editions

Here we have a very Impressive collection of Limited edition Space Marine Captains,Sergeants and Veterans painted up as first company. Ranging from the Warhammer 40,000 25th anniversary Captain To special event only Games day captains along with some veterans thrown in for good measure.


Games Day 2012 Limited Edition Blood Angel Captain

The last good Games day in 2012 you could your hands on this event only model of a Blood Angel Captain sculpted from the art work that featured on the cover of the 2nd edition of Warhammer 40,000. I would have filled off the the blood drop from the chest though if I was painting him as an Ultramarine or any other chapter for that matter.


Warhammer 40k 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Crimson Fist Captain

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Warhammer 40,000 games workshop released this special edition Space marine captain sculpted from the artwork that was on the Iconic Rogue trader  cover.


Games Day 2009 Limited Edition Space Marine Captain

At Games Day 2009 you could get this captain charging with a thunder hammer you may notice this model hiding in Ben’s Grey knight army posing as an Inquisitor. LIMITED EDITION ULTRAMARINE CAPTAIN SICARIUS

Limited Edition Ultramarine Captain Sicarius

This is the original Captain Sicarius model when he was leading the 5th company armed with twin lightning claws which have a nice lightning effect painted on to them.


Limited Edition Space Marine Veteran

Limited edition veteran which was only sold in the space marine army set.


Games Day 2005 Limited Edition Space Marine Sergeant

Games 2005 event only model can be just about been seen hiding behind Captain Sicarius.

Gareth Jones

Ben Jackson says… I’m sure you will agree this is an impressive collection of Limited Edition Space Marines.