armies on parade nids

Tyranids from Games day 2013 Armies on Parade

armies on parade 2013 Tyranids

Here is an Army entered into the Games days 2013 Armies on Parade.

The centre piece of this army is a rather large and intimidating  Hierophant Bio-Titan. The army appears to be lead by  a Swarm Lord and or a Tervigon pictured below


Swarm Lord Armies on Parade 2013

The Swarm Lord is leading a Gargoyle Broad whilst the Tervigon is leading a brood of Termagants.

Tervigon Armies on Parade 2013

The army seems to be attempting to swamp an Imperial Manufactorum.

I haven’t had much chance to play or play against the new Tyranid’s but I’m eagerly awaiting to do so!

Has anybody played the new rules yet what are they like?