One year on will be a year old next week. Over the last year we have brought you  lots of pictures, a few videos, news on new products, 40k trivia, reports from Games Day and Throne of Skulls, ramblings from my brain, a campaign and the every popular rumours.

As part of looking back on the last 12 months, I though I’d share a count down of our  most popular posts.


5: The old Space Wolves Page (2020 views)

4: The old Ultramarines Pages (alsmost 5000 views)

3: The new ChapterMasters home page (5250 views)

2: The old ChapterMasters homepage (6250)

1: And the most popular page? With over 6600 views.

It’s the the page I’m looking at right now the chaptermasters administration pages. Lets see if you can beat me next year;)

Ben’s Favourite post

My favour post is our Most popular you tube Video, a Dark Eldar Razor wing that really does hover.

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