News: GW removing terrain from in-store Game boards !!!!

I just came across this rather shocking report on Bolter and Chainsword. I hope this is just a local Area Manager going a bit off the official company line and not a sign of things to come.

Gunrunr From: Houston, Texas
Hello Brothers,
I just wanted to share the latest bad experience at my local GW store. I will not mention which store but I can tell you the manager is a good guy and he along with the new friends I have made there have resparked my interest in the hobby…..well, them and finding this website. Just last week I noticed that one of the tables that used to have a campaign board on it was gone. It was a large board painted up like space and was broke into sections with hand made model planets. People would go in every weekend to play games of 40K to see who would advance on the table. I asked the manager if the campaign was over all ready and he said no. He said that GW was doing audits and when they came in and saw the game board they got p****d and told him to take it down. Never mind the fact that everyone purchased Battlefleet Gothic models from that very store to use for campaign pieces. GW said they didn’t care and that the focus of the store was to push their new stuff….not their old. To add insult to injury, the store manager was told to put away all the terrain pieces and leave only bare tables for people to play on. GW stated that they do not want terrain to be furnished to players any more that way they would be forced to start buying pieces themselves. Yeah, like on top of taking my armies (Templars FTW) I’m now suppose to take a box full of terrain too.