Plastic Mk4 Space Marines are not from Forge World

Unless you have been cutoff from the Internet for the last few weeks you have probably gathered Games Workshop have now got production of Mk4 plastic Space Marines underway. This isn’t a great shock, they have had them for years, the bits have just been few and far between and split over a few different boxes of space marines. These new models have clued a bit of upset on the forums, as those who have shelled out for Forge World marines at £25+ per 5 aren’t thrilled at their purchases possibly being devalued. Well on closer inspection (see below) I think it’s clear that although based on Forge World’s design for Mk4 armour (which is based on Citadel’s original design, still available from the GW webstore Armour through the ages, these models are not a carbon copy of the Forge World designs. These new plastic Mk4s look closure to the current tactical marines with some tweeting to appear more like Mk4 armour. Due to which I think the FW designs will hold their value, and possible even increase if Forge World withdraw them all together.

So let’s all keep it frosty and remember that we willing paid the money for Forge World’s highly detailed resin Mk4 models. Disagree? Please do comment. Jon