Warhammer World

Warhammer World Closes it’s Doors

Warhammer World has quite literally closed it’s door and barred it with wood. If you check out the Warhammer World website you will see the Miniature Hall is now closed and it appears it will be for the rest of this year. If you still want to visit Warhammer world you can, but you might think it shut, given the big blue barricade installed around the entrance. The good news is the bar entrance is still open (and so is the bar), as is a temporary shop which has been installed in the smaller half of the gaming hall. Which obviously means less gaming tables. So why have GW retreated and fortified themselves in their HQ’s command bunker? It’s all part of a refurbishment of Warhammer World which includes a new Glass front entrance and enlarged retail space with dedicated shops for black library and forge world. There are some still some limited displays in place in the gaming hall, including the Space Wolves fortress monastery. Unfortunately some of the feature boards have had to be retired, due to the limited space, this includes both the infamous Fort Pain and forge world zone mortalis board. The good news is the ever popular Jimgam Bridge is still available for the taking or blowing up depending on you preference.