40k today: Codex Space Marines 1st impressions & more on Tau

Codex Chaos Marines

Pete Dunn at feilds of blood has given his finding on the new Chaos Marine codex.

“Is the book likely to get me playing 40k more regularly? Probably not. It seems to be all a little bit harder and a little bit less satisfying than what I’d want. With limited hobby and playing time I guess I’m selfish enough to resent having to make do. I wanted the Chaos release to really rark me up and enthuse me to going out to play the game again. It hasn’t, so far. Still I’m keen to see some 6th Ed games and see if that reignites the flame. As it stands it’s unlikely I buy the electronic version of the codex or any new models. And I’m a little bit sad about that”

If you want to read the rest of his article http://www.thefieldsofblood.com/2012/10/codex-chaos-space-marines-first.html

More on Tau

This appeared on Warseer in the last few hours

via shaso_iceborn  on Warseer
I know my sources are “unreliable” at best, but I have been told to watch/start watching for information in March. Of course they still talk about the Mako as well as the Copperhead for flier names. My sources still say June for the release (last year they told me in April to expect a June release they did not say 2013 though) I have also heard the Hammerhead will receive a Swordfish option turret and be one of the first 4-in 1 tank kit boxes with an extra sprue added as well as a price increase. I usually stay silent anymore as people bash terribly but figured I would try to chime in once again.”