Battle Pictures – Grey Knights and Black Harlequins vs Chaos and Imperial Forces

This game represented the Grey Knights attempting to overturn and Chaos rising in the outskirts of an imperial city.

A Harlequin troop is helping the Gray Knights for reasons unknown.

The Chaos forces consist of, World Bearers Chaos Space Marines, Pre Hersey Emperors Children, Traitor Guard and a sole Renagade Imperial Knight.

The game was a 4000 point Battle. The mission was based on the old 6 objective apocalypse senario, however objective victory points where score at the end of each trun. The team with most victory points cumulated at the games’ time limit wins.

Deployment, Most of the Grey Knights arrived by deep strike

Turn one

The Grey Knights and Harlequins take 4 objectives via deep strike. The Chaos forces hold 2 objectives.

Turn two

The renegade Imperial Knight removes a squad of Harlequins from one of the objectives to contest the objective with the Harlequin jetbikes.

The game ends 7-4 to the Grey Knights and Harlequins.

Warhammer Fest 2016 Display Boards with Video

There were more display boards at this year’s Fest of Warhammer. Forge Wolrd only brought one of their’s along, but GW bought quite a few. GW also brought their  planning books for the making the large boards at Warhammer World unfortunately I didn’t get photos of those.

Forge World – Iron Hands vs World Eaters

Click the picture above to see the video

Citidel Warhammer 40k – Imperial City Board

Blood Bowl Pitch from Speciast Games

Lord of the Rings River Town

Lord of the Rings – Necromancer Citidel

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The next post will be the golden demon winners I managed to photo.

Warhammer Fest 2016

Looking for the Golden Demon 2016 winners. Click the link.

Golden Demon 2016 winners
And so Warhammer Fest begins

The big Forge World release is an even more heavily armoured Porphyrion. 

But probably even bigger than that  the first painted mastodon has been spotted. The Sons of Horus roll out.

Leman Russ looks to be almost ready. It appears it’s just the base left to do. I wonder if there might be a couple of wolves on it.

The Rhico arena floor plan, it’s a great venue for Warhammer Fest. Really relaxed and full of natural light.

And the most popular area….

The queue for Forge World Goodies. They call it Warhammer Fest, but we know it as ForgeHammer Fest. 
And here is ForgeWorlds new bird

More pictures are available at battlebunnies. They have been posting great content all day. 
ChapterMasters will be picking up coverage of Golden Demon tomorrow.


The Death of a Phantom

For two years Captain Ventis had been plotting revenge on the Eldar Titan less affectionately known as Bone Walker; within the Fourth Company.  New intelligence had suggested the Eldar Titan was involved in a cleansing mission with another unknown allied force. Not willing to let week intelligence get in the way of his honour Vetris made request to Malgias Calgar forassistance  with removing the xzeno war machine.

Turn One

The forces of Ultramar oblitorated the Phantom Titan during the 1st turn. This was largely down to a single squad of Sternguard equiped with combi meltas, which arrived via drop pod. Although the Second and Ninth Companies also played a large roll in the demise of the Titan.  

Turn Two  
The terminators of the 1st company suffered heavy loses. In true Christmas Apocalyse style this resulted in the Eldar and Grey Knights  winnig the game on Victory points, a convincingly 9-3 with a turn in hand. The morrle victory was clearly with the Ultramarines though, having oblitorated both the Phamton Titan and a Baneblade.

The Ultramarine chapter has now been declared trators to the Imperium due to firing upon Grey Knights. A small price to pay for redeeming their honour.


Battle Pictures – Emperor’s Children vs Ultramarines Legion

Some photos of the last battle I played with Ben; over Christmas. We played a city fight mission using the Mission Cards in White Dwarf. Ben used his Emperors Children and I used his Ultramarines Legion. The army lists where written using the Horus Heresy Space Marine legion army lists from book 1 betrayal.





The forced were fairly even I took a centurion, 3 Dreadnoughts 2 rhinos, 2 predators, a storm eagle a squad of exo armoured terminators and a tactical squad. Ben took almost the same force, a centurion, an imperial knight, a drop pod, a mk1 land raider, a storm eagle a squad of veterans and a tactical squad.





Ben started the game by dropping his centurion and Verteran squad into my deployment zone. His aggressive tactics resulted in a gradual dwindling of my units.





By the end of turn 6 my forces had been reduced to 4 legionnaires and a single Dreadnought, while Ben still had his knight, Storm Eagle and a full tactical squad. Fortunately for me the game ended at this point and due to completing more of my mission card I had secured the most victory points. While I won the game it felt more like a loss; given how little of my force where left.