No more cheep on-line sales of Games Workshop products in the US and Canada!


The Internet Police are back

This is the biggest change to the Hobby since it went on line.

via Soosas from the Faeit 212 inbox
Miniwargaming just posted that there is a new GW document that will prevent the online sale of their products starting June 15th.

While this is Good news for the model/toy shop down the road, the GW stores, and GW’s internal part business (GW are currently reciting for a part warehouse manager). it’s very bad news for the major and minor on line stores.

What will be the long term impact of this change other then us all having to pay retail prices for GW’s plastic men?

Part suppliers forced to shut? “components) only in their Original Packaging and Labeling” Increases online sales of non GW products which are compatible with the hobby e.g. Chapterhouse studios?

Online resellers driven into the black market and ebay? GW can’t stop anyone selling on ebay. Increase competition and availability of quality products on ebay? So it’s not all bad news.

Online resellers have been given only three  months to restructure their businesses. In business terms that not long at all, considering staff are probably going to need to be made redundant. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some sort of back lash at GW from those that loose there jobs.

An extract from the policy letter is below.

The 2013 Retailer Policy: Major changes include:

The prohibition against online retail sales of GAMES WORKSHOP products is 
restated and now expanded in its applicability to all North American Retailers 
both in the United States and in Canada;

Revised In-Store Requirements for North American Retailers, including 
stepped-up requirements for Trade Accounts;

A requirement that all Retailers resell GAMES WORKSHOP products (including, 
but not limited to, components) only in their Original Packaging and Labeling;

A requirement that Retailers limit their resale of GAMES WORKSHOP products 
to domestic sales in their respective countries – i.e., no exports;FINAL 15 MARCH 2013 GW13 001 15MAR 2013


A requirement that Retailers comply with the timing and disclosure 
requirements associated with new product releases;

A requirement that Retailers take steps to ensure that GAMES WORKSHOP
products are only sold to Consumers meeting the age requirements specified 
on the product itself.

I expect this change either is or will happen in other countries too, but have no confermation as yet.