Rumour: Dark Angels to get Battle Bunkers and new Predator weapons

This was posted on Bols Lounge today (posted by Bigred)

Predator – Plasma and “Reaper Cannon” new main gun option, no new sponson options – new model kit possible (and the Predator is kind of an old kit).

Whirlwind – Flakk missile option.

Land Raider – Dark Angels get all the current Imperial types. Deathwing can take then at dedicated transports.

Dreadnought – The classics that we know and love, moving on…

Devastator Squad – Flakk missile option.

Vindicator – Nothing new here…

Siege Cannon – Techmarine’s mortar-like cannon. Multiple sources speak of this model being somehow interchangable with Imperial Guard artillery kits to round out the last missing models. ~Editor’s note: the Griffon perhaps?

Rhino – Standard rules.

Razorback – Standard rules, new updated model kit with ALL turret weapons options mentioned.

Land Raider – Deathwing Terminators ONLY.

Land Speeder Storm – Scouts only.

Battle Bunker – from the Wall of Martyrs kit.