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Rumours: It’s ground hog day – More on Dark Angels

Another day of  Dark Angel rumours.

1st from Warseer

via Master Sheol on Warseer
New rumors from italian GWtilea forum.
-WW will get a recut with a third missile rack with a single big missile (AA skyhammer option?)
– two new kinds of flyers one smaller and one bigger (rumored Darktalon and Nephilim from BL book?)

Master Sheol has zero rumours to his name that have warm out to be true or false.

Next from Bell of lost souls

via Stickmonkey

Expected Dark Angels Launch miniatures:

Deathwing Box
Ravenwing Box
Dark Angels Powered Armor Box
Mystery Large Vehicle

3 New Characters:

…existing characters moved to finecast.

Dark Angels recieve a Full codex – not a White Dwarf update.

Will it be three days of Dark Angels rumours in a row. There only one way to find out. See you tomorrow.