Titan Knights so what else?

Phantom Titan
I hope you will forgive the title of this post (and the picture) Don’t get me wrong if there are Titan Knights coming in March 2014, it’s a big deal. Given “the rat” says they are on the way, I’m inclined to believe they are. I also think Games Workshop are mad not to have release these about 4 years ago. Given they can be used in Imperial and Chaos armies, and as allies and in Apocalypse. If they look as good as the Eldar Wraith Knight, they are going to sell like hot coffee. If they look anything like The Lord of Skulls they will sell like Dreadfleet.
But back to the title so what else is going to be released in March? Am I the only person who thinks one plastic Knight kit even if it is going to cost as much as the other super heavies is a bit thin for a release window? In the Apocalypse release window we had 2 super heavy kits, 4 Space Marine Captains and a table’s worth of fortifications. I can’t help but wonder what else they have in store for us this time. Could there be another uber hyper heavy on the way? If so what army is it for? The only armies that don’t have a really big plastic kit are, Space Marines (but they can use the Knight) Sisters of Battle or what ever their name is (ditto), Tau (rip tide is not far of this size), Tyranids (didn’t someone say a new big bug would be released?) and Dark Eldar (a Dark Knight could be cool). Of the above I would think the Tyranids stand the best chance, I’d love to see a small plastic Bio Titan or Norn Queen. However I think a separate Chaos knight kit which uses an alternative sprue to maximise for the Chaos components would maximise the return on GWs design investment and is therefore even more likely (darn it Chaos why do you sell so well).
If GW do put out some more terrain might we finally see battle fields not covered in Imperial eagles and skulls. I get a few visitors to Chaptermasters each month looking for Eldar terrain.

So is March the month of the Titan Knight or the month of Titan Knights? Given the tightening of GW leaks I guess it will be at least two more weeks before we find out.