Nurgle 3

Plague Ridden Armies on Parade Games Day 2013

Armies on parade Nurgle

An entry from Armies on parade games day 2013

Here we have an entry from Armies on parade from Games day 2013.this nicely painted plague ridden army of Nurgle is made up from both the Chaos Space marine list and the Chaos Daemons list.

Armis on parade nurgle 1

part of the armies on parade 2013

The army is lead by Typhus and a forge world Greater Daemon of Nurgle the Great Unclean one, accompanying them is a squad of Chaos marines in a Rhino and also a Daemon prince as seen above.

armies on parade 2013 nurgle

Below the tower is a second Greater Daemon of Nurgle leading a horde of Nurglings

Armies on parade nurgle 3

Just in front of the previous picture is a Daemon prince leading another squad of Chaos Space Marines.