40K News today – Bundles

Reports are coming in that there will be some bundles released just in time for Christmas. These are only rumours but I think it’s failey safe to assume they are true.

from Brother Dimetrius over at Warseer got this from a GW (Belgium) facebook
“On the afternoon of Friday 19th October we will be releasing a variety of direct only bundles for Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and The Lord of The Rings. These bundles offer our customers fantastic value and are a great opportunity for them to add to their miniatures collections.”

from the Faeit 212 inbox
Hello Natfka,

I have received an update from a source within Games Workshop, an email was sent out to all store managers informing them to advertise these bundles, however this was promptly followed by an update model to abandon this message (It may be noticed that the facebook pages have disappeared), due to a shortage of stock to fulfill these bundles.

It has been stated that we can expect these before the end of Nov 2012.