Necrons attack

Necrons attack

Necrons attack

This Necron army from armies on parade at Games day 2013 seems to be fighting among themselves for some reason, perhaps it’s because they are confused at the colour of their gauss blasters with the Death marks preferring blue compared to the green of the rest of the army.

attack of the necrons

Death mark

I really liked the inclusion of a very old relic those of you that remember Warhammer 40,000 second edition will remember that the Orks had access to imperial weapon’s the plasma pistol seen above was one of such weapons that came with some of the Ork models.

wraith attack

In the bottom right hand corner of the board are some warriors that have crawled through the sewer to get inside the ruins after a Canoptek Wraith had burst its way through. their poses would almost make me feel like their metal skeletons could actually feel the cold as they appear to be shivering. it is however a good use of excess parts from the ghost/doomsday ark kit. as he has set his up as a dooms day ark as seen below.

Ghost ark

Dooms day Ark

scarab bases

I also like how the scarabs have been based, also the excellent use of terrain used acros the board with the imperial cities ruins kit been used the Sky shield landing pad and also a gun emplacement base. Well done to who ever put this army together.


The Imperial Knights Bring the Light of the Emperor

The last throne of skulls tournament saw the Emperor’s light or at least the Emperor’s LEDs, in the form of 4 Imperial Knights with LED lights. I didn’t get the name of the army owner but this was a major achievement, only 2 weeks after the release of the Imperial Knight kit. The Games Workshop painting team would surly be happy to be knocking out painted models at the same rate. The only questions remaining, does this man have a day job and how many more Imperial Knights will he be adding to this army???

Today’s pictures: Imperial Guard and Grey Knight Army

Damien’s impressive Imperial Guard and Grey Knight Army was featured in the March issue of Warhammer Visions. It was also on display at Warhammer World recently. Damien has no less than three super heavy tanks in this impressive collection. His use of direct source lighting technique is also very impressive on the plasma weapons.






Armies on Parade 2013 Tau army

Tau 1

Armies on parade Tau

Here we have an entry from Games days Armies on Parade 2013. A nicely painted Tau army led by a Commander Ethereal and a fire blade.


Tau 2

Riptide conversion


This heavily converted Riptide is the focal point to the army armed with what looks like a twin linked Railgun, missile pods, Twin linked Plasma rifles and a power sword. I’d really like to know what cool rules the owner of this army uses for it.


Tau firewariors


The Commander watches a fire blade lead a squad of firewarriors down a walkway spurred on by their Ethereal  into Battle.



Supporting Riptide


The second Riptide lies in wake to pick up the pieces.