Chapter masters is back

We’re back brothers! After what feels like forever the keys to my old rental were handed back today. Now I’ve got to get all the boxes sorted so I can start using my new 20×8 foot bunker for 40k.

The emperor has granted a short shore leave of 4 days before starting the bunker take and hold mission. I’ve taken 11 models with me which I’ve already started to paint. There are 5 assault marines, my mkiv command squad and a tactical marine with a heavy bolter. I’ll try to get a work in progress shot up tomorrow.

Some New space marine pictures have hit the web this week. The Tactical squad does indeed now appear to have a mk6 chest plate, along with mk4 legs Given mkiv legs are included and a set of studded mkvi which could proxy as mkv, it should be possible to build a sergeant in all mks of power armour from mkiv through to mkvii; as long as you don’t give him a helmet. There is still time to find there is a few other helmets in there but at this stage it looks unlikely. Given not all chapters have access to older suits of armour this is probably a good compromise, and shouldn’t risk a loss of forge world sales( mkvi armour being one of there top ten selling products).

It’s good to be back. Ben