Space marine rumours

There have been lots of rumours about space marines over the last week . I normally stay well a way of rumours on this site. This isn’t because rumours aren’t interesting or profitable for that matter. There are three main sources of rumours on the Internet.


Sometimes despite Games workshops best efforts information is a leaked out through their production and distribution chain. Of course these rumours are generally reliable, But often incomplete or slightly inaccurate. Sometimes companies choose to leak information as added publicity for their products. If this was the only source of leaks on the Internet I would happily publish them.

False information

Sometimes information leaks which is totally inaccurate, this is often due to see you early drafts of rules and stats being Leaked. There are also those who deliberately make up rumours to promote there own websites and gain revenue from their sponsors advertising. Then there is the third category which is often referred to in forums, which is those who are wishing all wanting something to be true when they have no reason to know whether or not is.

Where ever the rumours come from people can get very upset about the information that comes out, regardless of if it’s true. For this reason i feel that it’s not worth publishing these “leaks” That’s why chapter masters only ever goes from official release information and leaked photos. So you won’t find any information on until it’s official(almost).