Games Day 2013 Limited Edition Miniture: Marco Columbo

For some people the limited edition miniature is a big part of the decision process in going to Games Day.

Well the wait is over and 40k players can run back into the safety of there bunkers. My prediction that we would get a Black Templer space Marine from the cover of the 4th edition box set was well off base. We have no other than a 2nd Limited edition Marco Columbo.


Obviously the Christopher Columbus of the Warhammer fantasy world. Little Marco found the lizard men, stole all their gold, upset their gods, was curse by the rulers of the lizard realm and swore to be killed on pain of their own death; and so started the unprovoked attacked of the Empire world by the lizard men. Chuck him in a pot of hot water for 3 hours so say we.

But don’t despair, there is still Forge Worlds miniature to be announced. Hopefully they will come up with another space marine to join the ranks of other limited edtions models we all have sat in boxes from previous years.

Sorry I’m clearly just sore about getting it wrong.