Black Leagion

Black Legion Codex Confirmed in August White Dwarf

Black Leagion

I was concerned it was going to be an non 40k month, but by an ironic twist of fate the Black Legion have rescued us! A Codex Chaos Marine Black Legion supplement is confirmed to be in the August White Dwarf as a digital only release.

Codex Chaos Marine Black Legion contents

  • Definitive Black Legion Background
  • Detailed Black Legion Timeline with all major historical battles and events
  • Additional rules for a Black Crusade. It’s not known if this is a campaign or for all battles with the Black Leigion)
  • Miniatures Showcase
  • Reference for Black Leigion special rules and Wargear

While it’s unlikely this news will stop White Dwarf being infested with Lizards, this Chapter Master has never been so pleased to hear the Black Legion are coming.