New 40k Box Set Contents Confirmed – Space Wolves and Orks

Images of next weeks white dwarf have confirmed the new 40k starter set StormClaw will contain Orks and Space Wolves.


The Space Wolves receive
1x Wolf Lord in power armour on 35mm based
5x Wolf Guard Terminators
10x Space wolves in power armour.

The Orks receive
1x War Boss
5x Ork Boys
10x Grots
3x Killa Klans

The model count is reduced from Dark Vengeance (46) and Black Reach (46) to 35 models. The big surprise is the models are not snap fit, they are all normal multi pose kits like the 3rd edition set was. Many collectors will be happy about this. The Character Models are not available out side of the set so there is still a reason for dedicated collectors to bag one of these sets. Along with the models the is a “full” copy of the rules and a campaign book.
The price tag is now confirmed at £75 or $125US/$195AU.

I’m fairy pleased with all this and will look forward to picking up the new small format rules.