Space Wolves Dreadnought Pictures and Prices

Leaked pictures have now surfaced of all the Dreadnought builds from the new Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought kit. Prices for the kit and the new codex have also surfaced.

The Dreadnought will be somewhat more expensive than the existing venerable kit at £33/€43/$54USD/$78AUD. Sorry Aussies import taxes suck. This price puts it in line with a DreadKnight. The codex will be the same price as most existing codex’s.

Ben’s View? This is the 1st kit since the Imperial Titan Knight that I feel will be a must have purchase. It’s nice to see GW are still able put out nice looking small kits. Hear is to hoping for a wolf priest model, other than Ulrik.

This information is taken from latabernadelaurana.

space wolves dreadnought

dreadnought pics