News: The ChapterMaster’s codex going forward


For a while hasn’t been delivering what it set out to. was intended to be a resource point for gamers, missions, campaigns, tactica, painting and conversion idea. Over recent months it’s become overrun with rumours, mainly because people love to read them.

I’ve decided I want to return to the original plan for the site. In the last few weeks a few posts have gone up which have invited viewers to rate the paint scheme of other people army’s. This is something I’m keen to see more of and expand. I haven’t posted a battle report for 6th edition, which is shameful but something I hope to change soon. I also have a few other idea’s which I’ll talk more about once my programming skills can deliver on them.

I’m not saying their won’t be any more rumours, but I intend to link to others rumours rather that propagate them myself.

One final word. Positive! One of the reasons I’ve decided to do is so I can be more positive this year. I hope you will enjoy these changes and I invite you to have a look at the armies you can now vote on below in’s Parade Ground.

I If you would like to display your army on you can message me and I’ll give you access to post it yourself.